Roulette Strategy That Works Safe

Roulette Strategy That Works Safe

Roulette has been in the market from around 300 years and it is one of the most popular casino games whether in land based or online based game. It’s exciting to play roulette and that’s why it is the most popular game but the odds of the game is worst from other games. There are loads of tricks and tips which can help any player to win in the roulette.

The strategies I will tell below are the progressive betting strategies, which involves increasing the size of the bet after each round.  However in the Non Progressive Strategy you have to bet the same amount regardless you are winning or lossing or whatever the outcome is. It still come with certain level of risk. The All In strategy is a kind of Non Progressive roulette strategy in which the player places the entire bankroll in only single wager.

Roulette Safe Strategies

There are many roulette strategies such as – Martingale, Fibonacci Sequence, Labouchere’s roulette strategy, Paralay and 3Q Strategy. So, let’s see the most Successful Roulette Strategies below-


The Martingale is one of the safest strategy and is one of the popular strategies to use while playing roulette. This strategy can be used only for outside bets. This will let you to win almost 50% increase in chances excluding the 0.

There are 2 options  if the predicted colour comes out or not. If it doesn’t then you have to double the bet. If you have guessed correctly then you have to make the opposite bet while continuing with the single bet.

Reverse Martingale comes up with the different principal than the Martingale mentioned above. Example- If you bet on Black and you lost, then you have to bet on the Red colour. ( Rule is bet onm the colour which just came out if you lost or the opposite )

Fibonacci roulette strategy

The Fibonacci roulette strategy consist of the numerical pattern, in which the number is the sum of the 2 previous number. It is only applicable on the first 10 numbers of the series such as 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34 & 55. It only apply to the binary sums – Odd & Even, red and Black etc.

In this strategy you don’t have to change your bet according to the loss or win. You have to bet 1 unit on the first, second on the second bet and the  unites on the 3rd bet as according to the Fibonacci strategy.

Paralay Strategy

The paralay strategy has been used in many years on games such as blackjack etc. In this strategy you have to limit the losses as much as you can and bet to the turn in which you re winning the money.

If you bet 10 units and you won a binary bet then you will make profit worth 10 units and also keep in mind that every time you win, bet only the profit amount of money. This is mostly used in the games such as Roulette, Blackjack etc and made for players who are afraid of loosing their money.

3Q Strategy

In the 3Q Strategy the player have to place 3 bet on vertices , then 3 squares and then 12 numbers in total. This strategy doesn’t apply to the other roulette strategy in which you have the chance of secondary bets, rather than only to the numbers.

It is one of the unique strategy which can be applied while playing the roulette., but not the most effective one. However you can also use this strategy if you want to.


There are many roulette strategy that works safely , if these strategies are applied in the correct way. This will maximize your chance of winning the game and reducing the loss. But always remember to play responsibly in your budget. Do not bet all your money at once.


What is the best roulette strategy to win ?

There are many roulette strategies players uses while playing the roulette. I have mentioned the 4 best strategy which works safe and which can be used to win lots of money.

What is progressive betting strategy ?

In progressive betting strategy player increases their amount of bet round after round. In some cases players often do it after winning, but in some cases after loosing too, player continue to bet progressively.

Can these roulette strategies helps to win ?

These strategies increases the chances of winning the roulette by 50%. However this game is purely based on luck and there is no mathematical trick to it. But the strategies have more success rate of winning rather than playing with no strategy.

What are the online roulette apps in which I can play ?

Some of the best Online roulette apps in which one can play are – Red Dog, Slots Empire, Super Slots , Bovada & Ignition. These apps are 100% safe and trustworthy.