Scratch Cards are fun to play and earn some quick cash. Just similar to the lotteries they are purely based on your luck. But there are some real ways by which you can increase your chance of winning even by the scratch offs. There are multiple reasons how you could be winning more prize money on scratch offs. You will be glad to read the points which I will tell you below.

Keep in mind that these tricks does not guarantee 100% success, rather no trick in this world can give the 100% success rate as this game is purely based on your luck. But these tricks can increase your chances of winnings. Today I will break down all the tips so that you can win the scratch cards.

Tips To Win Scratch Offs Every Time

You can use these tips and tricks whenever you are going to buy scratch cards in future. Here are the tips which you can use while scratching off-

Don’t Go For the Cheaper One’s

Don’t buy the cheapest scratch cards. I understand that there are lots of scratch cards available in the market but don’t go with the flow and buy more expensive ones if you want to win big. There are number of scratch cards available with different tempting designs, prices and prizes , but usually they offer very low prize money. They are cheaper for a reason. Also Don’t just go and purchase large quantities of cheaper scratch cards, instead go for expensive ones. It’s quality over quantity. Quality  always wins.

Buy on Bulk

You can purchase the expensive scratch cards in bulk, as they can increase your odds of winning. You can consider purchasing cards on bulk of the same game, instead of going for only single card. So ultimately the chances of winning increases as you have purchased the cards in bulk. This doesn’t means that you will definitely win the game, but it can surely increase your chance of winning as this game is purely based on the luck.

You Must Stick To Your Budget

Sticking to your budget is the most important gift you can give to yourself, especially if you are playing games which involves money. I do not recommend anyone to go outside to your budget and play without any vision. Instead set your budget and stick with it no matter what the conditions are. It will help you to not loosing your money. This is the most important tip for any game you are playing which involves financial transactions.

Familiarizing With The Odds

You must be familiar with the odds of the game which will tell your percentage of winning that amount. As I have told you to go for the expensive ones, you’ll have a better chance of winning. But another trick is to purchase the card which offers the best odds.The odds are simple printed on the back of these cards, so you can look at it. Alternatively, you can ask the cashier about the odds that is written back on the card. This will enhance your chances of winning the scratch card.

Saving The Loosing Card

Sometimes the company gives the second chance to the lottery owner to win. During this you have to send the old tickets or the cards for a drawings. So keep that ticket in the envelope and hope that this loosing ticket can win money on the second chance. But don’t just play the game, as it will be collected for the second chance.

Avoid Promotional Packages or Mystery Pack

You must avoid all the Promotional Packages or the Mystery Packs as these are generally the old cards which these retailers sells on discounts to clear their old stocks.  Don’t feel on the top of the world after buying these discounted cards as these cards are old and the winner has been already announced. The retailers just re-packs them and sell on discounted price. It’s important for you to play an active game not the old ones.

Final Thoughts

I have jotted all the tips which I think in my opinion are the best for any player to apply to and increase their chances of winning. I wish I could have told you the trick in which player can win 100% on any scratch card but believe me if there was any single trick, then everyone would be doing it from years and companies would stop creating these scratch cards. Luck is the most important thing to win games, especially this one. Always remember to stick to your budget.  Don’t go over your budget, and apply these tips to increase your chances of winning the game as the scratch cards are based on pure luck.

If you have any other tips or tricks then do share them at the comment section.