Best Slot Machines to Play in Las Vegas

Best Slot Machines to Play in Las Vegas

Playing slots can be simple and rewarding. It’s fun to play slots if playing at the right casino. Everyone knows that Las Vegas is the casino capital where you can get different kinds of casinos for everyone. Slot machines are one of the most played games at the Casinos in Las Vegas which offers millions of dollars as prize.

In this article I will tell you the best slot machines to play in Las Vegas. On an average the Vegas Slots gives the Return To Player ( RTP ) between 75% – 97%, which means that a player have a chance to win at the probability of 75%  97%. Lets find out some of the best slots machines to play at Vegas.

Best Slot Machines To Play in Las Vegas

1- Wheel Of Fortune

The wheel of fortune is one of the most loved slot machines when it comes to the choices of the players all over the world. The wheel of fortune is available at almost casino in vegas. With almost 24 versions of the game, most of them come with the Progressive slots and jackpots for the players who wins. In short the wheel of fortune provides high jackpots.

Wheel of fortune is a 3 reel game with massive jackpots as it offers progressive jacpots to their winning players with jackpots starting from $200,000. It offers over 96.1% RTP ratio to the players and can be played online and offline.

2- Mega Bucks

In 2003, a newbie software developer has won $39.7 million just by playing the Mega Bucks , highest payout in the history. A man won $14 million just by playing for 5 minutes by the $20 bill at the Rampart Casino. Megas Bucks is one of the most played jackpots all over the city. So for big payouts you can go for the Mega Bucks. This will definitely fit  for you.

Mega Bucks has made over more than 20 millionaires after it has been released since 2005. Mega Bucks can be only played offline at vegas. It’s a simple 3 reel slot and have 1 payline originally, but as the time passed now Mega Bucks offers more than 60 paylines across the 5 reels. The symbols are of fruits such as cherries, lemons and other fruits.

3- Diamond Queen

The Diamond Queen has been created by the International Game Technology (IGT) which Is one of the leading options to play at casino. Diamond Queen doesn’t really provide free spins which might be a turn off for many players but the winning amount is high on Diamond Queen. This game have 5×3 reels with 20 paylines.

The Diamond Queen game is based on the mystical theme with fantasy elements. IGT has also created games such as Treasures of Try & Crown Of Egypt. This game can also be played online. Their animations, sound effects and video graphics are to the point.

4- Buffalo Grand

The Buffalo Grand is yet another popular slot game in Las Vegas with over 1024 ways to win over the game, this is the reason why buffalo grand is considered as one of the most entertaining slot. The players have won over $650,000 by playing the buffalo grand. Buffalo Grand is always occupied at the casinos room, as this game is widely played by players all over the world.

This game have a 4/5 reel format with 5 progressive jackpot. The most important symbols in this game are animals. There are wolves, deer, mountain lions, and American eagles in addition to buffalo. The largest payment is offered by the buffalo symbol. For five of a kind, this animal gives out 300 coins. The reels also display the standard playing cards. Although they have the lowest values, these can be useful in more complex combinations since they act as multipliers.

5- Piggy Bank Slot

Piggy Bank is a slot machine that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and the players find the outcome to be equally amusing.

The background of the reels looks like a little child’s nursery with toys all around it. The world of the game is undoubtedly influenced by well-known contemporary animated films and other 3D cartoons that both children and adults like. If that describes you, Piggy Bank will undoubtedly attract your attention.

A little more unexpected is the game’s musical theme. Even if it seems a little out of place, this tranquil song with some Hawaiian touches on top is still pretty enjoyable and calming.

Final Words

Make sure to play these slots whenever you visit a casino in Las Vegas. These games not only provide fantastic cash payouts, but you are also certain to delight in every spin thanks to their incredible features. Play responsible as you can loose the amount by loosing at the casinos at Las Vegas.