The casino theme party game is an way to bring fire to any event you are hosting. No matter if you are hosting a birthday party or an event or you are playing just for a fun gathering with friends and other people and playing them and playing online casino with them can alleviate the level of excitement and unforgettable memories.

Here are some of the top casino theme party games which will keep your guest on the edge of their seat:

1- The number one on the list is Poker Tournament. No casino party is complete without poker. You can set up multiple poker tables with professional dealers and your guests will compete for chips. Excitement is guaranteed whether you are playing Texas Holdem or Umaha poker. You can reward them with prices and give them some competition to keep them at the edge of their seat.

2- Blackjack is another fast paced card game which is easy to learn and play. Your guest will enjoy playing this game while trying their luck against the dealer and will aim to reach the number of 21 without going over it. You can also provide your guest some fixed amount of play money to bet and you will definitely have an unforgettable experience.

3- Roulette is another game which can add thrill experience. While playing you can set up a Roulette wheel at your place and enjoy the excitement built, as your guest will play and will bet on their numbers colors or their combinations.

4- Slot Machines are another must have game in casino theme event. You can rent out or purchase few slots machine and put them at your venue. Your friends and your guests will try their to hit that jackpot its simple and most entertaining game which seems appealing for people of all ages .

5- Wheel of Fortune is another game which can keep your guests at the edge of their seats. It will provide an additional fun to your casino party. You can create a small or a large spinning wheel and add various prices to them your guest will take these spins.

6- Horse racing is another option where guests can place their bets on a virtual horse racing game. You can also use pre recorded races and display them on a screen. But make sure that these races are not seen by anyone this will add some unique element to your game and your level of excitement and the competitiveness to your casino party.


Casino theme party is another excellent way to create a memorable and excitement experience for your friends and your guests. With these games you can transfer any boring event to a fun event. Make sure to play these games at your own risk as these games may involve risk of loosing the money or your entire bet. You also have to play after knowing the full rules of these games.