We are living in the world where every person in this world want to become rich. We’ve grown up by hearing stories of people winning lotteries and getting rich. In the reality number of people winning lotteries are less. Winning the lottery require very much luck , one winner in few millions.

Lotteries are a type of gambling that includes drawing numbers to determine winners. Typically, national or state lotteries are supported by governments. Some of the national lotteries in European nations, Nordic nations, and Baltic nations include Euromillions, Eurojackpot, and Vikinglotto. State lotteries exist in Australia. Lotto, Lotto Millionaire Raffle, Thunderball, and other lotteries are among of the most played in the United Kingdom.

According to the astrology the best day to buy lottery tickets astrology is on Saturdays and best time to buy a lottery ticket according to the astrology is between 6 pm and 6:30 pm.

Predicting the lottery numbers in Astrology is a branch of Astrology that tells us how lucky or unlucky that number is to invest in gambling. The person who tells about lucky numbers is known as lucky number specialist. Apart from the lucky numbers this person also tells you the position of the planet in your kundli. The lottery numbers which could be lucky or unlucky are based on the placement of the starts of your planet. Generally the numerology experts suggests that you can choose certain numbers which are based on your personal life such as Your Date of Birth, Birthdays of your family members, The wedding anniversary dates, Phone number sequence, License Number, Your favourite player jersey number and numbers that are based upon your Zodiac Start sign.

According to the astrologers and numerologists to win the lottery as per the vedic astrology venus and jupiter must be in the correct place in your chart. As venus rules the wealth and possessions and is the ruler of 2nd house.

When a person have good 1st , 5th and 9th house in astrology luck favour to those. The placement of 2nd , 5th and the 9th star is also important as they represent wealth and money. The placement of the 5th house represents gain in your business, share market and gambling. Moreover the 11th house tells us about the fulfillment of desires if placed positively.

In order for a person to win money through gambling, the 5th, 8th and the 9th house play a major role. It is also important to know that along with the 5th , 8th and the 9th houses, the 2nd and the 11th house also have a combination.

Before investing in any kind of lottery or gambling , you must take a proper consultation from the astrologer. These will focus properly on your lottery number rather than telling numbers that might be in your favour.

Apart from the above said tips there are other proven methods which also helps you to win lottery.

– You can also follow the sun nakshatra as these are huge part of lottery astrology. The 3 nakshatra includes – Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra, Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra and the Krittika Nakshatra helps any player to get sudden wealth. In order to win the lottery , you should follow these practise –

  • You should chant the Hridya Strota Mantra
  •  To please Surya Deva you can also wear the Surya Yantra
  • Must take fast on every Sunday during the time period of Sun Nakshatra.

You can also worship Lord Shiva to Please Him during the Moon Nakshatra to increase your luck and fortune. Lord shiva can give you extreme wealth then can be done by winning lottery according to the lottery Astrology. There are many practises which can be followed to please lord shiva. These are –

  • Fasts on Monday during the Moon Nakshatra
  • Donating the milk and rice to poor and needy.
  • Donating water , milk and Bel Patra to shiva linga
  • Reciting the Durga Saptashati Path

You can also recite various auspicious Mantras to please various gods. There are 2 of the most important mantras.

  • Laxmi / Kuber Mantra  – Everyday chant it for 11 times before going to gamble.
  • Chant the Navnath Shabar Mantra 27 times. To do this mantra you have to follow some vidhi. Collect 5 freshly pickled flowers and apply vermilion to them.
  • Keep jaggery in front of them and chant the Mantra, After the chanting has been done offer the flower and jaggery to river.

I hope that you have liked my article about best time to purchase lottery tickets. If you have any question regarding this then do comment below. Also this article has been shared for the purpose of sharing the information. We are not responsible for any kind of profit or losses. We do not insist anyone to play lottery or gamble. Play at your own risk.