Why Counting Cards Is Illegal In Las Vegas

Why Counting Cards Is Illegal In Las Vegas

Are there any country or place that don’t allow card counting? In most nations where gambling is legal, card counting is not viewed as unethical or dishonest. Why is card counting prohibited everywhere? For a very long time, card counting was thought to be cheating, yet it is not against the law to do it.

Before we continue reading this text, I want everyone to understand what the term “counting cards” actually means. Does counting the cards while playing a game benefit the participants and how is it used?

Meaning of Card Counting : Decoded

Card counting, a blackjack strategy, is used to figure out who will have the advantage in the next hand: the dealer or the player. Card counters, or advantage players, try to lower the casino house edge by keeping track of the high and low priced cards dealt. When players are more likely to win, they tend to bet more, and when the dealer is more likely to win, they tend to bet less. They also have different playing styles in line with the deck’s layout.

Now to be precise to this question of Is card counting illegal in Las Vegas. The answer is “ NO ”. The counting of cards is not illegal in Las Vegas, Nevada or any part of the world. However, the casinos as they are owned by the private individuals, have their rights to allow the players to use the counting of cards or not.

There is no law against the card counting, and the police cannot arrest you. However there are some ways by which you can land in a jail if you are trying to count the cards.

These are Some of the Ways by Which You can Land in Jail for Counting the Cards-

1. Trespassing

The police cannot take you in a jail for counting the cards, but when you enter in casinos, they are generally a private property and the players must follow and respect the house rules which are made by them. They have camera’s which works 24/7  to prevent the act of counting the cards since the counting of cards could take you in an advantage of wining over the casino.

2. Using Electronic Machine or App to Count the Card

If any player is using any kind of electronic machines or any app from their smartphone to count the cards then it is known as cheating and you can end up in the locker room. You should use your brain to count the cards. Practise how to count the card and then use that skill in the casino to count the card.

3. Cheating

Cheating in any casino is an offense and it is an arrest able offense. Using the intellect to count the card is not illegal and you can win the game, technically it is not considered as cheating. But if you are changing the outcome by switching the cards with other player , the casino can arrest you.

4. Assaulting the Casino Employees

If counting of cards is not allowed in a casino in which you are in but you are still counting . They will detain you from doing this Probability is than you were drinking and now you will become angry and frustrated. You are assaulting the employees or the guards, they have rights to arrest you on the grounds of harassment.


So this was the answer of Why counting card is illegal in Las Vegas. Counting of cards in not illegal in Vegas nor at any other county. But there are some ways by which you could land up in a jail. These ways should not be used at any casino. Instead practice how to count the cards , develop that skill and use it in the real games at the casino.

This article has been shared with the purpose of sharing the information. We do not insist anyone to play any kind of games. Play at your own risk.