The five card draw or the cantrell draw is considered as the most classic poker games available out there. But after the rise of the Texas Hold’Em , it has been somewhat vanished. Abide b the almost same rules like the Texas Hold’Em. It is considered as the simplest type of poker. That is the reason why new players learn the game at their first stage.

The Five Card Draw is an Old game and it is not as much popular as the main games like Texas Hold Em and other. But the 3 Card Poker Draw is also the most fun to play games till now. If you want to earn money by also playing the Five Card Draw then it can a be a good choice. Learning new poker game variation is full of fun. Though it is not as popular as other poker games, but there are still some of the websites that allows to play the Five Card Draw online.  Two of the best website on which you can play this poker is:-

World Series of Poker

With an editor ratings of 9 stars, this website allows you to play the poker in the browser itself, there is no need of download the app. However, if you still want to download the app you can download it from  your app store.

Club CG

With the editor’s ratings of 9.8 stars, this poker ifs free to play. You can also win seats for the World Series of Poker main events. It is the best platform to qualify for the live poker tournament.

If you’ve ever played any other type of poker, you must know that the goal of 5-card draw is to build the best five-card poker hand possible.To summarize, here are a few straightforward suggestions.

  • Choose your beginning hand carefully and avoid weak hands.
  • When you get the chance, try to play more speculative hands.
  • Pay attention to what your opponents are doing and how many cards they are discarding during the draw round.
  • Remember that if you just have one card left, your chances of making a straight or flush are about 4 to 1.
  • Figure out your opponent’s playing style and their stratergies as this would help you a lot while playing 5 Card Draw.

The Poker Hand Rankings, Similar to Texas Hold’em, are as Follows, From Weakest to Strongest:

The 5 Card Poker is played with a conventional 52-card deck. This means that in games like Texas Hold’em, the poker suite rankings are the same. A royal flush is the best possible suite, whereas a high card is the worst possible hand.

Each player is dealt five cards face down to begin the game of 5 Card Draw. Starting with the first player to their left, the players have to reveal one card to each player in a clockwise direction. The first round of betting will begin when all players have been dealt five cards. The game will then proceed to the draw phase.

They’ll decide which cards to discard, after which the dealer will shuffle the deck and deal them new cards. The players can choose to stand out or not to swap any of their card.

There is another round of betting after the draw. Following the completion of all betting, the remaining players in the pot will place their hands on the table to know who has won the game.


1)- Does the Limit of 5 Card Draw Fixed?
In most of the cases, the limit of the  5 card draw is fixed. There are 2 ways in which the 5 Card Draw can be played. One is Pot-Limit and the other one is no-limit game as well. So it is totally up to you on which table you are sitting.

2)- How Much Hands Should I use to Discard in 5 Card Draw?
Hands are allowed to discard. If you are in a good position in a game, with compare to the 3 other competitor while holding an strong pair , you want to aim to get 3 of a kind.

3)- Is it Possible for me to Get a Straight or a Flush in a 5 Card Draw?
It is very difficult for you to get a straight or a flush. Having only 2 rounds of betting, it is very hard to get an Straight or a Flush.

4)- In a 5 Card Draw Poker, How Many Rounds of Game is There?
There are 2 betting rounds in this game. Once the 2 rounds are finished you have to reveal your card and you’ll get a winner.

5)- Is There any Community Card in 5 Card Draw?
No, there is no community cards in 5 Card Draw. You only have 5 hand that you can play with them. During the first round of betting you can discard as many cards as you like and you can also get new cards.

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