One of the primary reasons people are interested in sports betting is that it’s possible to make money consistently. After all, there are good techniques and strategies you need to apply so that you can win as much as possible.

If you are currently looking for a way to offer various betting options for your players to bet on, we suggest that you get set up with one of the top PayPerHead providers in the betting industry, and that would be AcePerHead.

AcePerHead offers bookies a complete service with one of their many website plugins, where they put up multiple betting options for players to bet on each day.

In addition, they provide all wagers immediately after each game ends, with balances being automatically updated into both the players’ and bookies’ online accounts until a new bet is made.

Ace manages the entire technical aspects of bookmaking, allowing bookies to focus on acquiring more players and collecting and paying customers when they win or lose. The amount of money you will make once you become a bookie will be dependent on how many players you have betting with you, how much they bet per game, and how frequently they bet per week.

Obviously, the more people who participate in the sportsbook and play, and the larger amounts that they bet per game will mean more money to be won in total with a guaranteed return. And the more volume of bets you have each week, the bigger your winnings on that given week.


High Hold Percentage

Ace has a weekly average hold percentage of 1.4% compared to the industry standard, which is 0.05% per week. The hold percentage is just a metric that describes what proportion of money wagered by players is retained by the casino. If less money gets returned, then players are assumed to be losing more, but if there’s less money being returned, then it’s obvious why casino have such a high win rate (card house advantage).

One reason AcePerHead has a higher hold percentage than their competitors is that they tend to have tighter odds, along with accepting only players with reputable ratings or higher.

Secondly, AcePerHead is very aggressive when it comes to changing their lines as soon as there are enough bets on a certain side of the line; this often forces less experienced gamblers to focus more seriously on their betting and helps them get more in touch with the inner workings of the game itself, thereby increasing their overall level of play so they can start betting at a sharper rate and continue doing so due to having a better understanding of the game.

Finally, AcePerHead offers more betting options than anywhere else online, which allows players to increase the frequency of their staking, leading to an increase in player engagement levels and (hopefully) greater profits for themselves.

So using the services at AcePerHead is the way to maximize your profits from your players as a bookmaker, but it also helps out a great deal in terms of letting you focus on other aspects of your company, such as its growth.


How Do Bookies Pick Point Spreads?

In short, bookies use a handicap system to do their work. The bookie creates an even playing field for people that want to gamble. If a person bets on the favorite, they would be paid at a higher rate than if they bet on the underdog. It’s important to know how money is being handled by doing the research before choosing where you’re going to put your money.


Wrapping Up

In AcePerHead, bookies often set the point spread, thinking it will split the action. Sometimes though, there are disagreements between what people think is fair and what a bookie’s opinion is, which can lead to an opportunity for profit if they are right.